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Today, the current business with a staff of more than 35 extends over a site of more than 8,000 square metres. As a result of increasingly varied demand from the whole of Germany, the product range currently on offer has increased enormously. We stock a wide diversity of herbal mixtures for other animal species as well, natural feeding agents and effective supplements.

We will be happy to answer your questions and to offer comprehensive advice on the basis of our expertise. Our team consists of thoroughly trained nutrition specialists, who look forward to talking to you.

Our company’s ‘success story’ is based on positive experience with the unique herbal mixture HOKAMIX30 with the Eurasier bitch Meike. That was the start. Mr and Mrs Grau Senior gained outstanding experience with HOKAMIX30 in the case of their bitch. At the time, the animal was suffering from HD with severe symptoms and was scarcely able to move. Conventional medicine had reached its limits. The fact that Meike was given a chance is down to the personal contact between the Graus and Cornelis Kroeske. HOKAMIX30 restored Meike’s quality of life!

This provided the impulse for the Grau family to establish this product, which was already well-known and highly regarded in the Netherlands, in Germany. Our company’s more extensive product range now impressively demonstrates the beneficial feed supplements available and the extent to which the health of dogs and cats can be supported by means of these natural compounds. The many impressive field reports and stories from our customers reveal with wonderful photographs and moving words what the products are able to achieve.

Confidence in his knowledge of the power of nature provided the motivation for Cornelis Kroeske senior to develop the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30. The Grau family’s confidence in these recipes, along with their knowledge of the significance of the healing powers of the different plants laid the foundation stone for Grau GmbH.

And today? Almost 30 years later?
The Kroeske family business (Jan Kroeske, son of HOKAMIX30 inventor and current managing director) along with Grau GmbH (with daughter Gerti Grau as current managing director) have continued to collaborate successfully. New and different methods of administering the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30 have been developed. Tablets, snacks and treats have made it possible over the course of time to offer virtually any dog a tasty solution.

The success of the herbal mixtures, that is to say the ability to solve the problems caused by nutrition in dogs and cats that are appearing increasingly often, formed the basis for the great confidence shown by the customers in the knowledge and competence of the Grau team. Further problem-solving products have followed over recent years. The wish for natural complete feeds, hypoallergenic products in cases of feed intolerance, products to alleviate the ailments of old age or problems with the metabolism have become increasingly prominent. Naturally we, as nutrition specialists from Grau, have responded as well. You will thus find today a well thought out range of products that dogs and their owners have relied on for generations.

The aim of Grau GmbH is that our customers will in the future always find useful novelties, just as in the past almost 30 years. In consistently high quality and reliable manufacture. The confidence that it all began with will continue to form the basis in the future between the customers and the Grau team!

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